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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

From Texas, currently in NYC

Senior Editor at RH Graphic.

Whitney can be found throughout the year at conventions and visiting schools to talk about comics. If she is home then she is with her cats Eleanor and Jude and is spoiling her kitties senseless. 

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More Info​

Plant Acquisitions:
My growing plant family.

Whitney grew up in College Station, Texas where she was the middle of 5 kids, She is also a twin, older by 5 minutes, and has always enjoyed learning things and reading any sort of book that she could get her hands on. Comics have always been part of Whitney's life but she didn't take an active interest until she was introduced to manga in middle school. 

In college, Whitney was hoodwinked into a career in comics when her twin convinced her that she shouldn't pursue a double major in Creative Writing & Fashion, but should major in Sequential Art which would have both aspects for the price of one. Her twin was, of course, a genius, and Whitney soon discovered comics editorial and her dream job was realized.

As an editor, Whitney's career has focused on kids and YA titles. She loves working on stories with strong characters and hopes to work on a graphic novel of every genre for every type of reader. 

Favorite color: Blues and Greens!

Favorite flower: All Flowers 

Favorite snack: Gold FIsh crackers and M&Ms mixed together.

Work experience
RH Graphic, New York, NY

​Senior Editor Nov 2018 - present


BOOM! Studios,  Los Angeles, CA

Editor / Dec 2016 - Nov 2018

Associate Editor / Nov 2014 - Dec 2016

Assistant Editor / Dec 2012 - Nov 2014


And other jobs from working at a movie theater, retail shop, car rental place, hotel, bank, restaurant, being a tv extra, and a very special internship. 

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

​2007-2010, BFA in Sequential Art

Earned a BFA in Sequential Art from SCAD-Savannah where she got to learn everything that goes into making a comic. She finally figured out art history and got to study abroad in Japan and in France. 


University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

​2005-2007, Psychology major

Attended UNC-Charlotte for two years as a psychology major before transferring to SCAD. Failed an art history course very spectacularly and unfortunately, none of her math courses in statistics transferred to art school. 

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