Publishing can be a hard industry to understand — let alone break into — comic publishing even more so. One personal goal that I have and I hope to achieve during my career is to pull back the curtain and make information more accessible to anyone who is remotely interested. 

Don't want to wait? Check out #EditorialWeds or this twitter thread where I answer FAQ semi-weekly:

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This is a program where I would have weekly meetings with a small group of people looking to learn more about the editorial process with an interest in becoming an editor one day. 

More details to come when this opens up.


This is a two month crash course on getting a pitch ready to submit to a publisher or agent. 

More details will be available when this opens up. 


Have questions about comics and graphic novels? About editing, or anything with publishing? If you are interested in having a one on one conversation with me where I answer any questions that you might have on the industry, feel free to reach out on my contact form.

These are set at 30 minutes. 


No mentorship or informational interview has any affiliation with RH Graphic. This is something that I do in my spare time to help those interesting in breaking into an industry that I know and love. 


If you want to pitch your project to RH Graphic, please go here to find out more about what we are looking for and how to submit your project: 

If you are interested in a job opportunity at RH Graphic, if there is one available, you must apply through PRH's career portal. You can see what job opportunites are available at PRH here: