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Published Books

Here are books that Whitney has worked on with links to where you can purchase a copy and support the amazing creators that made these amazing stories. This section will update as more books become available for purchase or pre-order.

Whitney hopes you love the stories as much as she does. 

Note: All books are organized alphabetically by Title. 

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Random House Graphic  

RH Graphic publishes graphic novels for kids and YA. Whitney is currently the Senior Editor and has the pleasure of working with an amazing and supportive team at RHG. She gets to work with super talented creators on helping them bring their beautiful stories to life. Whitney is thrilled to be part of the process and below are the books that she's been a part of. 

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BOOM! Studios

Publisher of comics, graphic novels, art books, and more. Home to the BOOM!, KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box, and Archaia imprints. Whitney worked here from 2012-2018 and had the chance to work with many amazing editors, talented creators, and fun licenses. Comics is a collaborative medium and these are some of the titles she was able to be part of the process on

 Learn more about BOOM! at

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Freelance Editing

Occasionally Whitney can be hired out to work on books or pitches.

 Currently, Whitney is not available for any freelance but if you would like to talk to her about possibly scheduling or rates then feel free to contact her here.

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